Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keep Moving

It has been a week and half until the accident.  The doctor told us today that Wayne's eye look excellent from the surgery.  Praise the LORD!!! He looked at me like he was surprised. As much as everyone is praying, I am not surprised.  It may take 6-8 months for the retina to attach itself to the back of the eye.  During this time, we will have regular check ups.  Our next one is in 2 weeks.  After the retina attaches, then we can have another surgery to remove the cataract.  The cataract was caused due to the trauma done to the eye.  The doctor said that they would not do anything to his pupil.  We were shocked, but he said that the pupil is actually cosmetic?  So, he will have to deal with the look of his eye. It doesn't look like Wayne has an iris, but the doctor confirmed that he does-it is just really small due to the constant dilation of his eye.  The doctor also said that the yellow that Wayne sees should go away in time, along with all the redness in the whites of his eye.  The key word is TIME. 

We have been living in complete despair over the last week and a half, but I told Wayne on Tuesday that we have to keep moving.  We have to pick up and start over.  It is really weird feeling to do this, but I know that God is in it and has designed the perfect path for us.  He will prepare us and the children for change.  In Breaking Free (Beth Moore), she says as Christians we must be ready for change b/c that is who we are.  He is placing us for His glory and we must be ready at all times. 

It is interesting the paths that the Lord allows us to take.  I never thought that I would be looking for a job, but here I am.  God has laid before me a position and I am praying that he will make it effortless.  This particular job would be really good, and would help us as a team to keep homeschooling the kids.

Wayne is going to try and keep someone to drive his truck to keep it on the road.  The doctor said that he should probably find a new profession, b/c he doesn't think that his vision will go back to 20/40 even with corrective lenses.  Well see, but until God changes that we have to keep the truck going.

I appreciate the continued prayers for our family.  I ask that you continue to pray for Wayne's healing with his eye, and for God to continue growing us closer together  with each other and Him.  Lastly, please pray for God to intervene with our finances.  If this includes this job I am applying for, then let it be.  Thanks again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please continue to Pray

Satan intends to destroy us, but God intends us to glorify his name! I keep saying this, because #1 it is true and #2 all odds are stacked against us even with the rest of our family and friends.  I have taken a moment to look at my mounds of email and realized that there are so many things going on with families this season.  I want to remind everyone that God is in control.  He is not surprised and that He doesn't give us more than we can handle...

As I write this, I just had a moment of lapse earlier.  My husband is dealing with our future internally, my son is snotty and congested, and I have a daughter that was vomiting last night.  Overwhelmed is an understatement.   I lost it this morning around 9:45.  I have been up since 6 am with William tending to him and listening to his non stop whining (which I do not do whining-never have).  My eldest just told me let us go back to grandma's and I stopped and said I am sorry. I explained how I was feeling and now everyone seems to be doing their thing.  Thank you Lord for intervening in the moment.  Your Grace is so good.  We are praying for Wayne's health, as he can not have the symptoms the children are having.  I am also praying that the Lord will keep us from fear, so we can enjoy the time we have with one another.

I finally swept the floor and started some clothes today.  I am waiting for the company Wayne is leased with to call.  They want to talk to us? Settling is far from my mind, b/c Wayne will have to have more surgeries and no one knows (but the Lord) when or if they will stop.  I am looking long term, not just right now.  Please pray that God will make it clear to us, what we should do, even if it is every moment.  His direction is the best because he sees the whole picture.  A sweet lady reminded me yesterday morning that we are the family, not our belongings.  It is something I already know, but need to be reminded of during this time.

 It has been such a blessing for the Breakfasts and dinners we have received.  I need them, almost, just so I can get to the other functions of the house.  Thank you Lord for your people-Bring them strength and peace just as you tell me you do in Psalm.  Let this situation Lord bring your glory and forever change the hearts of those around us.  I pray for all those families that are asking for prayer. Lord you know them by name, you know the numbers of hairs on their head.  Encourage them, give them strength and help them to turn to you no matter how bad it gets. In Jesus' Name I pray Amen.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids are home

The kids came home Saturday night.  That has brought different things to the plate.  It took until yesterday afternoon for William to even hug Wayne and Anna still won't even look at him.  I have had a week to adjust to the situation and the children have been away with my parents, only hearing about Wayne.  I have had to encourage Wayne that it might take a week for them to get acclimated to his eye and the quietness he has to have.  They also have to stay secluded from others due to the chance of vomiting, sneezing, or having to blow his nose. 

I ask Lord for you to mend Wayne's heart.  Please comfort him and reassure him that we love his body/mind/spirit the way it is.  Help him not to feel the way he does.  Encourage him Lord.  He needs the children to hug and love on him without fear.  Thank you for Natalie encouraging the others to touch and look at Wayne, Thank you Lord that William warmed up to his daddy so well that he wants an eye patch now :-), Thank you Lord that Anna will warm up to her daddy.  I pray that Wayne feels nothing but love from us all and no disgust. or difference.  Forgive me Lord if I or the children have said anything to hurt his feelings.  I want to please you Lord and help raise Wayne up.  Lord, I ask that you remove all fear or anxiety from all of us.  Lord I want to enjoy the people that you bring to us without fear of sickness.  Thank you for the body of Christ Lord, they are working.  Bless them as they bless us.  Thank you for Wayne's vision and pray that the next few surgeries go well.  Continue to give us peace Lord and work in the doctors hands.  You are a mighty warrior and we are victorious because of you.  Amen

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Lord is Good

Wayne hurt his eye at work Tuesday.  We have been in the hospital (Grady) for 3 days and Emory for 1 day, spending at least 6-8 hours a day with one day being 10.  Surgery was started about 3pm and was finished about 6pm, Friday.  Now, that the 1st surgery is done, we are reflecting upon our week.  The Lord is working a miracle in Wayne for all to see.  God doesn't do these things to us, but he does allow them.  He knows each situation before we do.  He is not surprised.  This week, we meet several people in the hospital that was encouraged by Wayne.  My father prayed with my daughter for us.  My father in law saw a miracle in a situation that the world was saying is helpless.  Thank you Lord for Dr.  Matthew Emmanuel.  You did not give up on Wayne.  You kept bringing more and more doctors in to see him, until finally Dr.  Hasson, Dr. Yeh, and Dr. Ping, said "I'll do it".  Wayne couldn't see anything but a yellow haze and the doctor was hoping for shadows today at the visit.  God provided even better, now he can see fingers that are 2 inches from his eyes.  We have a long journey ahead of us and a lifetime of keep up, but You are with us Lord.  Thank you for sending Brent to me when I was alone in the hospital (I never asked him, he just showed up and it was always when I was by myself and knotting up).  Thank you for my parents Lord.  They watched our 3 precious children and had to just sit waiting for news.  Thank you for sending Wayne's Mom.  You have not only allowed her in our lives, but healed things between us for good.  We love her Lord and ask for blessing and peace for her also.  She is a beautiful woman, which in know that you know that Lord, because you created her :-) Thank you for letting me see the beauty.  Thank you for sending Wayne's Dad.  You allowed this to happen when he was on his last day of work (retired), so that he could be with Wayne in the examine rooms.  The blood and science fiction look of his eye was too much for me.  I pray that this Victory continues to bless others throughout our journey.  Lord you are our healer and provider.  What Satan tends to destroy you intend for good.  Thank you for your grace, it is enough.  We love you Lord.  I ask that the couple that had their son in surgery yesterday would also feel your blessings, your peace, your comfort.  I ask that the cancer would be benign in their son and the scar he will carry will also be a scar of Victory.  Please keep our family from sickness Lord.  You know Wayne can not sneeze, blow his nose, or vomit.  So, I ask that you would let this year we our well year for him to recovery quickly and move on to his next surgery.    Lord I ask that you would lay your peace and comfort upon all of us.  We are weary, Lord.  You gave me a verse from Psalm 29 on Wednesday, You will give your people strength and You will give your people peace.  So, I ask that for us all.  We ask all these things in your glorious name. Amen

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prayers for Wayne

I married my best friend.  I love him with all of my heart.  When he is down, for some reason, I just get filled with anxiety and fear.  I know that those things are not of God.  I am currently rebuking them:-) If anyone is reading this, I ask that you pray for Wayne.  We are praying that God would heal his sight against all the odds.  I pray for peace for Wayne and I.  He is really having a hard time with the What ifs, just as I am.  He is our sole provider.  He has always said he loved having me at home.  I love being there for him at anytime and serving him in that way. 

God you are my provider and my strength.  You knew this was going to happen before we did.  I pray that you would comfort us during this time.  Lord, I pray that this "injury" would be a living testimony to Glorify your name.  I want to be able to shout it through the roof tops.  Lord, heal Wayne's sight to 100%.  I want it to be evident that you are the great I AM.  The doctors say he will not gain his sight back, but I know that you are mightier than that.  You have healed my daughters, Lord.  I come to you today and ask that you take all of our burdens.  Replace it with your peace.  Help us to enjoy your presence and the people you have brought to us during this time.  Lord, I pray for every family that has prayed for us and continues to pray for us.  Bless them, Lord, beyond their explanation.   I love you Lord.  Thank you for creating me to serve you.  I pray that I serve you in a mighty way and that I will be a good and faithful servant.  You are my master and healer and I praise your name.

In Jesus' Holy Name,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Breaking Free

I have been enjoying a bible study with a dear friend and relative called, Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  There is so much that we hold on to that we don't even know we are holding on to.  I am so thankful that the Lord brings us tools like this study to help us redefine who we are in Him.  He has experienced everything that I could ever experience.  He cares for me so deeply.  I can't imagine my life without him. Tonight was so freeing within itself.  I am able to shake off that excess that Satan wants me to cling on to.  I yearn for a heart closer to the Lord.  I desire that my family to rest in his peace.  I know that the Lord desires these things for me too.  He never changes, which is so comforting.  As a Christian, I need to be able to change.  God doesn't want us to be sameness.  He allows things to be in our lives to strengthen us and to be testimonies to glorify him.  I have to remember that he never allows anything to be in my life that I can not handle and that a true miracle is living through something that Satan wants to destroy me with.  Thank you Lord for being my redeemer and healer. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Thank you Lord for my family and friends.  This Thanksgiving we went to my grandmother's house 1st to enjoy her Thanksgiving feast and catch up on my aunt and uncle's year.  The Lord has been so good to all of us and it's great to be able to share that with people who care.  My dad took the kids and me for a walk through the woods.  He showed us the path that he took as a kid to bring water to the house for supper, dishes, and clothes.  It was a long walk, I can imagine, with containers filled with water.  The creek is an underground spring that comes to the surface.

 Mom and me! I love you!

My 3 angels...I think this was take 3, to get William to sit still long enough for the picture.  They are growing up so fast.  

This is a picture of my grandmother's house.  My grandfather built it for $75 and it was a two room house.  They eventually had a little more to it, but it is still quite quaint.  My aunt and Daddy grew up here.  
The 2nd part of the day was at Wayne's moms house. The visitors consist of family from Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.  The culture here is wonderful to experience.  Such wonderful family and so close.  I enjoy every minute with them.  
We learn so much as a family.  Here are some pictures of all us eating, laughing, the kids drawing names for Christmas, and sharing life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 God is so marvelous.  It is so amazing to see Him work.  We watched our babies hatch into little chicks.
 Look how little they are when they first come out of the egg.
Here is the first baby: Shelley.  We believe now that it is a boy, but we will see.  He moved close to the window, when he was flopping around.  So, I hurried and got a picture!

Out of our eggs that we had, two little chicks emerged.  We had two causalities.  But, as our friend Tripp said those are lessons learned.  Thank you Tripp and Shelley for letting us borrow the incubator.  This was quite an experience.  The chicks are named Trip and Shelley.  We named the 2nd, smaller one Trip.  She/He had a curled toe when hatched.  She/He kept tripping over her feet! So, Natalie said hey lets name it Trip! I was thinking of Rollie Pollie, so we went with Trip. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

September Family Vacation-St Joseph's Pennisula


We finally got to go on Vacation together as a family.  It has been 5 long years.  I went way out of my way to find a place that was in the middle of no where, and I suceeded.  St. Joseph's Pennisula was so beautiful. Even on the busiest day-Saturday-there were only about 5-6 families on the beach.  
We were able to relax....

& Catch our own Dinner!                                        
There is just something special about a family around a campfire.  You seem to be able to just let go and enjoy each other and share Life! We needed this, and we are so thankful the Lord brought this to us!

As you can see, we have a new addition to the camper.  We are all getting a little older and there are more of us too, so we bought this awesome outdoor utility tent for our potty.  You better believe it, William was the 1st one in it..LOL.
 The only thing that we ALL complained about was the MASSIVE mosquito problem.  Wayne had to make a tent around the awning and spray Bug Free Backyard all over the campsite.  We are not exactly sure if it was legal, but we had to do something or be ate alive. 
 The last day we took family pictures.  
It was very hot, even at 8:30 in the morning.
 It was amazing, but we actually had a pet squirrel at our site.  This is a picture of Wayne feeding it.

Christmas is Coming

Wow! I can't believe that we are putting up the Christmas tree today-2 days before Thanksgiving.  The kids really enjoy this time of year.  We talk about the ornaments that they have made over the years and even giggle a little.  We enjoy putting up the village and it seems it goes somewhere different every year.  That might be because I have the furniture placed different every year.  LOL Once the tree is Finished I am going to take a picture and share with everyone.  Well, I have to go sing Christmas carols with the girls, while we try to keep William from breaking all the ornaments.