Monday, November 29, 2010

Breaking Free

I have been enjoying a bible study with a dear friend and relative called, Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  There is so much that we hold on to that we don't even know we are holding on to.  I am so thankful that the Lord brings us tools like this study to help us redefine who we are in Him.  He has experienced everything that I could ever experience.  He cares for me so deeply.  I can't imagine my life without him. Tonight was so freeing within itself.  I am able to shake off that excess that Satan wants me to cling on to.  I yearn for a heart closer to the Lord.  I desire that my family to rest in his peace.  I know that the Lord desires these things for me too.  He never changes, which is so comforting.  As a Christian, I need to be able to change.  God doesn't want us to be sameness.  He allows things to be in our lives to strengthen us and to be testimonies to glorify him.  I have to remember that he never allows anything to be in my life that I can not handle and that a true miracle is living through something that Satan wants to destroy me with.  Thank you Lord for being my redeemer and healer. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Thank you Lord for my family and friends.  This Thanksgiving we went to my grandmother's house 1st to enjoy her Thanksgiving feast and catch up on my aunt and uncle's year.  The Lord has been so good to all of us and it's great to be able to share that with people who care.  My dad took the kids and me for a walk through the woods.  He showed us the path that he took as a kid to bring water to the house for supper, dishes, and clothes.  It was a long walk, I can imagine, with containers filled with water.  The creek is an underground spring that comes to the surface.

 Mom and me! I love you!

My 3 angels...I think this was take 3, to get William to sit still long enough for the picture.  They are growing up so fast.  

This is a picture of my grandmother's house.  My grandfather built it for $75 and it was a two room house.  They eventually had a little more to it, but it is still quite quaint.  My aunt and Daddy grew up here.  
The 2nd part of the day was at Wayne's moms house. The visitors consist of family from Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.  The culture here is wonderful to experience.  Such wonderful family and so close.  I enjoy every minute with them.  
We learn so much as a family.  Here are some pictures of all us eating, laughing, the kids drawing names for Christmas, and sharing life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 God is so marvelous.  It is so amazing to see Him work.  We watched our babies hatch into little chicks.
 Look how little they are when they first come out of the egg.
Here is the first baby: Shelley.  We believe now that it is a boy, but we will see.  He moved close to the window, when he was flopping around.  So, I hurried and got a picture!

Out of our eggs that we had, two little chicks emerged.  We had two causalities.  But, as our friend Tripp said those are lessons learned.  Thank you Tripp and Shelley for letting us borrow the incubator.  This was quite an experience.  The chicks are named Trip and Shelley.  We named the 2nd, smaller one Trip.  She/He had a curled toe when hatched.  She/He kept tripping over her feet! So, Natalie said hey lets name it Trip! I was thinking of Rollie Pollie, so we went with Trip. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

September Family Vacation-St Joseph's Pennisula


We finally got to go on Vacation together as a family.  It has been 5 long years.  I went way out of my way to find a place that was in the middle of no where, and I suceeded.  St. Joseph's Pennisula was so beautiful. Even on the busiest day-Saturday-there were only about 5-6 families on the beach.  
We were able to relax....

& Catch our own Dinner!                                        
There is just something special about a family around a campfire.  You seem to be able to just let go and enjoy each other and share Life! We needed this, and we are so thankful the Lord brought this to us!

As you can see, we have a new addition to the camper.  We are all getting a little older and there are more of us too, so we bought this awesome outdoor utility tent for our potty.  You better believe it, William was the 1st one in it..LOL.
 The only thing that we ALL complained about was the MASSIVE mosquito problem.  Wayne had to make a tent around the awning and spray Bug Free Backyard all over the campsite.  We are not exactly sure if it was legal, but we had to do something or be ate alive. 
 The last day we took family pictures.  
It was very hot, even at 8:30 in the morning.
 It was amazing, but we actually had a pet squirrel at our site.  This is a picture of Wayne feeding it.

Christmas is Coming

Wow! I can't believe that we are putting up the Christmas tree today-2 days before Thanksgiving.  The kids really enjoy this time of year.  We talk about the ornaments that they have made over the years and even giggle a little.  We enjoy putting up the village and it seems it goes somewhere different every year.  That might be because I have the furniture placed different every year.  LOL Once the tree is Finished I am going to take a picture and share with everyone.  Well, I have to go sing Christmas carols with the girls, while we try to keep William from breaking all the ornaments.