Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 God is so marvelous.  It is so amazing to see Him work.  We watched our babies hatch into little chicks.
 Look how little they are when they first come out of the egg.
Here is the first baby: Shelley.  We believe now that it is a boy, but we will see.  He moved close to the window, when he was flopping around.  So, I hurried and got a picture!

Out of our eggs that we had, two little chicks emerged.  We had two causalities.  But, as our friend Tripp said those are lessons learned.  Thank you Tripp and Shelley for letting us borrow the incubator.  This was quite an experience.  The chicks are named Trip and Shelley.  We named the 2nd, smaller one Trip.  She/He had a curled toe when hatched.  She/He kept tripping over her feet! So, Natalie said hey lets name it Trip! I was thinking of Rollie Pollie, so we went with Trip. 

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