Tuesday, November 23, 2010

September Family Vacation-St Joseph's Pennisula


We finally got to go on Vacation together as a family.  It has been 5 long years.  I went way out of my way to find a place that was in the middle of no where, and I suceeded.  St. Joseph's Pennisula was so beautiful. Even on the busiest day-Saturday-there were only about 5-6 families on the beach.  
We were able to relax....

& Catch our own Dinner!                                        
There is just something special about a family around a campfire.  You seem to be able to just let go and enjoy each other and share Life! We needed this, and we are so thankful the Lord brought this to us!

As you can see, we have a new addition to the camper.  We are all getting a little older and there are more of us too, so we bought this awesome outdoor utility tent for our potty.  You better believe it, William was the 1st one in it..LOL.
 The only thing that we ALL complained about was the MASSIVE mosquito problem.  Wayne had to make a tent around the awning and spray Bug Free Backyard all over the campsite.  We are not exactly sure if it was legal, but we had to do something or be ate alive. 
 The last day we took family pictures.  
It was very hot, even at 8:30 in the morning.
 It was amazing, but we actually had a pet squirrel at our site.  This is a picture of Wayne feeding it.

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