Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keep Moving

It has been a week and half until the accident.  The doctor told us today that Wayne's eye look excellent from the surgery.  Praise the LORD!!! He looked at me like he was surprised. As much as everyone is praying, I am not surprised.  It may take 6-8 months for the retina to attach itself to the back of the eye.  During this time, we will have regular check ups.  Our next one is in 2 weeks.  After the retina attaches, then we can have another surgery to remove the cataract.  The cataract was caused due to the trauma done to the eye.  The doctor said that they would not do anything to his pupil.  We were shocked, but he said that the pupil is actually cosmetic?  So, he will have to deal with the look of his eye. It doesn't look like Wayne has an iris, but the doctor confirmed that he does-it is just really small due to the constant dilation of his eye.  The doctor also said that the yellow that Wayne sees should go away in time, along with all the redness in the whites of his eye.  The key word is TIME. 

We have been living in complete despair over the last week and a half, but I told Wayne on Tuesday that we have to keep moving.  We have to pick up and start over.  It is really weird feeling to do this, but I know that God is in it and has designed the perfect path for us.  He will prepare us and the children for change.  In Breaking Free (Beth Moore), she says as Christians we must be ready for change b/c that is who we are.  He is placing us for His glory and we must be ready at all times. 

It is interesting the paths that the Lord allows us to take.  I never thought that I would be looking for a job, but here I am.  God has laid before me a position and I am praying that he will make it effortless.  This particular job would be really good, and would help us as a team to keep homeschooling the kids.

Wayne is going to try and keep someone to drive his truck to keep it on the road.  The doctor said that he should probably find a new profession, b/c he doesn't think that his vision will go back to 20/40 even with corrective lenses.  Well see, but until God changes that we have to keep the truck going.

I appreciate the continued prayers for our family.  I ask that you continue to pray for Wayne's healing with his eye, and for God to continue growing us closer together  with each other and Him.  Lastly, please pray for God to intervene with our finances.  If this includes this job I am applying for, then let it be.  Thanks again.

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