Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids are home

The kids came home Saturday night.  That has brought different things to the plate.  It took until yesterday afternoon for William to even hug Wayne and Anna still won't even look at him.  I have had a week to adjust to the situation and the children have been away with my parents, only hearing about Wayne.  I have had to encourage Wayne that it might take a week for them to get acclimated to his eye and the quietness he has to have.  They also have to stay secluded from others due to the chance of vomiting, sneezing, or having to blow his nose. 

I ask Lord for you to mend Wayne's heart.  Please comfort him and reassure him that we love his body/mind/spirit the way it is.  Help him not to feel the way he does.  Encourage him Lord.  He needs the children to hug and love on him without fear.  Thank you for Natalie encouraging the others to touch and look at Wayne, Thank you Lord that William warmed up to his daddy so well that he wants an eye patch now :-), Thank you Lord that Anna will warm up to her daddy.  I pray that Wayne feels nothing but love from us all and no disgust. or difference.  Forgive me Lord if I or the children have said anything to hurt his feelings.  I want to please you Lord and help raise Wayne up.  Lord, I ask that you remove all fear or anxiety from all of us.  Lord I want to enjoy the people that you bring to us without fear of sickness.  Thank you for the body of Christ Lord, they are working.  Bless them as they bless us.  Thank you for Wayne's vision and pray that the next few surgeries go well.  Continue to give us peace Lord and work in the doctors hands.  You are a mighty warrior and we are victorious because of you.  Amen

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