Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Lord is Good

Wayne hurt his eye at work Tuesday.  We have been in the hospital (Grady) for 3 days and Emory for 1 day, spending at least 6-8 hours a day with one day being 10.  Surgery was started about 3pm and was finished about 6pm, Friday.  Now, that the 1st surgery is done, we are reflecting upon our week.  The Lord is working a miracle in Wayne for all to see.  God doesn't do these things to us, but he does allow them.  He knows each situation before we do.  He is not surprised.  This week, we meet several people in the hospital that was encouraged by Wayne.  My father prayed with my daughter for us.  My father in law saw a miracle in a situation that the world was saying is helpless.  Thank you Lord for Dr.  Matthew Emmanuel.  You did not give up on Wayne.  You kept bringing more and more doctors in to see him, until finally Dr.  Hasson, Dr. Yeh, and Dr. Ping, said "I'll do it".  Wayne couldn't see anything but a yellow haze and the doctor was hoping for shadows today at the visit.  God provided even better, now he can see fingers that are 2 inches from his eyes.  We have a long journey ahead of us and a lifetime of keep up, but You are with us Lord.  Thank you for sending Brent to me when I was alone in the hospital (I never asked him, he just showed up and it was always when I was by myself and knotting up).  Thank you for my parents Lord.  They watched our 3 precious children and had to just sit waiting for news.  Thank you for sending Wayne's Mom.  You have not only allowed her in our lives, but healed things between us for good.  We love her Lord and ask for blessing and peace for her also.  She is a beautiful woman, which in know that you know that Lord, because you created her :-) Thank you for letting me see the beauty.  Thank you for sending Wayne's Dad.  You allowed this to happen when he was on his last day of work (retired), so that he could be with Wayne in the examine rooms.  The blood and science fiction look of his eye was too much for me.  I pray that this Victory continues to bless others throughout our journey.  Lord you are our healer and provider.  What Satan tends to destroy you intend for good.  Thank you for your grace, it is enough.  We love you Lord.  I ask that the couple that had their son in surgery yesterday would also feel your blessings, your peace, your comfort.  I ask that the cancer would be benign in their son and the scar he will carry will also be a scar of Victory.  Please keep our family from sickness Lord.  You know Wayne can not sneeze, blow his nose, or vomit.  So, I ask that you would let this year we our well year for him to recovery quickly and move on to his next surgery.    Lord I ask that you would lay your peace and comfort upon all of us.  We are weary, Lord.  You gave me a verse from Psalm 29 on Wednesday, You will give your people strength and You will give your people peace.  So, I ask that for us all.  We ask all these things in your glorious name. Amen

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