Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prayers for Wayne

I married my best friend.  I love him with all of my heart.  When he is down, for some reason, I just get filled with anxiety and fear.  I know that those things are not of God.  I am currently rebuking them:-) If anyone is reading this, I ask that you pray for Wayne.  We are praying that God would heal his sight against all the odds.  I pray for peace for Wayne and I.  He is really having a hard time with the What ifs, just as I am.  He is our sole provider.  He has always said he loved having me at home.  I love being there for him at anytime and serving him in that way. 

God you are my provider and my strength.  You knew this was going to happen before we did.  I pray that you would comfort us during this time.  Lord, I pray that this "injury" would be a living testimony to Glorify your name.  I want to be able to shout it through the roof tops.  Lord, heal Wayne's sight to 100%.  I want it to be evident that you are the great I AM.  The doctors say he will not gain his sight back, but I know that you are mightier than that.  You have healed my daughters, Lord.  I come to you today and ask that you take all of our burdens.  Replace it with your peace.  Help us to enjoy your presence and the people you have brought to us during this time.  Lord, I pray for every family that has prayed for us and continues to pray for us.  Bless them, Lord, beyond their explanation.   I love you Lord.  Thank you for creating me to serve you.  I pray that I serve you in a mighty way and that I will be a good and faithful servant.  You are my master and healer and I praise your name.

In Jesus' Holy Name,

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