Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new Year to Celebrate

I feel like Satan has really come against us in the past month, but God means for good.  Wayne's check up last Thursday was promising.  Doctor Payne said that Wayne's eye looked MUCH better than he ever expected it would right now.  His vision is 20/400, which is still legally blind, but hopefully it will increase over time.  He has blackout spots in his vision too.  The doctor said that the retina was fully attached and seems stable.  When we go to back in February, he said that he would consider surgery if the eye continues to show this progress.  Wow! That is 3-4 months earlier than expected. 

God has also given us two new items to go along with the new year: a job for me and a school for the kids.  We have solely homeschooled here at the house for 6 years.  I contacted a co-op, telling them about what happened and why we need there services during the following school year.  They immediately said to start Monday.  Wow! Another God thing.  So, the girls will go once a week to the co-op.  They will do History, Science, Devotion/Bible, and English.  They even get to enjoy lunch together.  This will great for time management, accountability for Wayne and I, and a time for good friendships to form.  The co-op has events throughout the year and real closeness.God has even provided the logistics out for us to get them home!

My job is with Drayer Physical Therapy Institute.  The company is wonderful.  They started a school in Hatti for the children there and donate to it regularly.  They gave away $3 million of physical therapy to people how couldn't afford it just this year.  They do not allow $$ or insurance to get in the way of healing.  I believe that God has sent this job to me.  I prayed to the Lord before I even started looking for a job, that he would send me somewhere that would glorify him and I would enjoy.  I want to enjoy getting up, have a purpose in my steps, as I leave what I know (my home and children) everyday.  He has delivered it.  In a staff meeting yesterday, the center manager stated that we must strive to put other people before ourselves.  I thought to myself: "Isn't that what life's about?  Didn't Jesus tell us to do that?"  I know that I am human and I will make mistakes, but I pray that I will draw closer to the one who sent me here and listen for where he wants me to go. 

So, as Monday fast approaches, we will begin a new chapter in our lives.  For all of those faithful readers and prayer warriors, please continue to lift our family up.  Wayne needs to draw closer to the Lord, and find out what his next steps will be.  Natalie and Anna need comfort from the changes of positions in the house and the different way school will be done.  I need a peaceful spirit as I leave them each day.  William needs a calmness so that Daddy can get adjusted to things here.  You have been wonderful and I will keep you posted.  

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