Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Life around the Lisk house has been a bit unusual, to say the least.  I have been working now for 3 weeks.  I really like the job; it's challenges me in some way everyday, but I have caught on rather quickly.  The people are friendly too, which helps:-)

The children finally got to go to school last Monday and Yesterday.  Now, they see why they had all the work to do! They really like the teachers and have already made some friends.  The first two weeks of doing their work was crazy.  Lots of tears and drama :-), but this week has gone more smoothly.  They know that their teachers are asking them to do the work, not me.  They actually are doing the work with more ease and anticipate going to class.  Thank you Lord.  You are mighty and awesome.  I've prayed for you to intervene with this, and boy have you.  Thank you, Thank you....

I was driving to work the other day and was thinking about all of what life is bringing us.  I had been praying for months, possible a year, for Wayne and I to love each other, respect, and honor each other the way the Lord would.  The Lord has just a funny humor, right! He swapped our roles.  This way we COULD understand what each of us were going through every day.  Man, we have had some conversations over the last 3 weeks! Coming home after working all day; it's hard to quickly adjust to family life...I pray all the way home to have the energy to love and dote on my children and husband.  Now, I know what Wayne went through after working a 14-16 hour shift at work.  I work about 42 hours a week, if I don't work on Saturday.  Wayne has stated how hard doing school, keeping the house, managing William, and doing "his" work around the house is almost impossible.  He said that he understands why I was so tired and why I wanted time to myself :0)

Lord, even though this journey you have me on is not what I saw for our family, I thank you.  I know that you can see now until forever in one glimpse.  You know what my plans are, and that is so relieving.  I feel so free Lord....I do not want to carry any more on me.  You are my creator.  You have sent your son to die and carry these burdens for me.  I do not want to "make plans" for myself or my family.  I want your plans Lord.  I pray Lord that you would give me the strength to lift you up in all I do.  I pray for abundant blessings on our family.  You have BLESSED us so much, but I pray for abundant spiritual blessings.  Let our lives live for you, without any words.  Let our actions and our heart shine your love and grace on others.  I pray Lord that I would see everyone that I come in contact with, like you see them.  You say, Lord, to be doers of the word.  Let my family be doers.  I Thank you Lord for change! Satan wanted all of this to split our marriage, to ruin our home, but you have not.  These changes are glorifying you.  I pray for everyone reading this blog.  Lord, bless them immensely.  Change them radically, so they can shout from the roof tops of your Love and mercy.  Thank you, I love you, Lord.  In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen!

Please pray for Wayne! His next doctor's appointment is Thursday (2 1/2 days).  We are praying they will schedule another surgery :0) Pray for God's touch with the doctor's hands, and good report (more vision).

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