Saturday, March 26, 2011

William's Surgery

Thursday was a big day for William.  Due to the fact that he had a rough experience with his stitches, just last Saturday, he wasn't happy at all.  It took for men to hold him down to get his stitches in and a couple in the OR to hold him down to put the gas mask on him. Each time, Wayne was one of those men.  He said he felt so sad.  William just looked at him, as his body was just a fighting and yelled through the mask, "Nooo, Daddy!!".  It looked like Wayne had teared up when he came back to me.  When he woke up from anesthesia, he was very scared and started pull his IVs out of his arm!

Once we got home, he was able to rest.  He slept for several hours and when he woke up he ate (a lot) 4 things of Jello and two big bowls of rice.  LOL  He wanted to go outside so I held him and rocked him on the patio.  He asked me, "Mommy do you hear dat?".  I asked him what I was supposed to hear.  He said, "The wind."  My heart was so heavy! Later that night we went for a walk.  He asked Wayne to push his stroller over the gravel.  You can tell in his face and smile that he was listening to the wheels going over the gravel. 

It is amazing what we take for granite everyday.  The wind, the sound of gravel being ridden on, Wow! God is so amazing, right.  He allowed us to have ears to hear, and eyes to see.  Lord I pray that I will hear you and see you always! You are so mighty and I love your path for me.  I wouldn't do it differently, even if you asked.  Sometimes I wish it was a little easier, but then I realize I wouldn't get the best ending.  Thank you for loving me and my family.  Thank you that Wayne has one good eye to see his children and me with.  Lord I pray that you will use him in a mighty way for you.  Thank you Lord for William's ears! You have restored them and I pray that we feel his ears with your words.  Lord protect my children, my family.  Raise us up to be mighty warriors for you.  Amen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1ST Trip to the ER

Okay, Okay.  I know that you are thinking what next! Well, I came home from work about 3:30 and started to contribute to the days tasks.  While Wayne was cutting the back yard, William snuck over the fence and got into my van.  When he got his "prize", the candy necklace that his sister made me a few weeks ago that was hanging on my rear view mirror, he proceeded to get out of the van.  That's when it happened! He slammed the door (driver's side) on his THUMB.  Ouch! He screamed for Daddy and I came running out of the house.  Well, if you know me I do not go running to the hospital when ever something goes wrong, but blood was going everywhere!  So, I yelled out to everyone, "Get in the car, Get in the car!".  Dinner was just about done, but it was left.  Everything was left the way it was...that is where having good neighbors comes into play.  Heidi took care of everything.  I have done that for her too :-) We raced to Urgent Care on Yorktown Drive near the hospital (Fayette).  We were only there for 2 1/2 hours.  Wayne and 3 other people had to hold him down just to let them open the wound further to assess the situation.  He busted it up where a main nerve is, so they had to 1st take X-Rays to make sure it wasn't broken and then when they came back clear, they had to open the wound to see if the nerve was damaged.  God is so good to us ALL THE TIME :0) No nerve damage and not broken, was the verdict.  He was held down again and stitches were put in.  This was so hard for Wayne.  He said that William was crying so hard that he was sweating! Poor guy! Thank you Lord that you are always in control.  You are so mighty and protect us through our lives here on earth.  Thank you for allowing William not to have a broken thumb and no nerve damage.  Please allow his surgery to still take place Thursday, even though the hospital gave him IBprophen.  I ask all of you to pray for William and his healing and for his surgery to continue as planned.  I will keep you updated.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Surgery Date

We are going to the MD today for William's Pre-Op.  Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday, March 24th.  We have to be there at 7am, but the surgery will not take place until 9am.  I feel peace from the Lord.  I believe this will allow William to be so much better.  Even open up new doors for him learning wise.  They said that we may need speech therapy for him, but I'm sure that Wayne and I can work on him for a while before doing that step.  Please continue to pray for our family and for the healing Wayne and William.  Thank you for your prayers and being faithful to us and the Lord.  I don't know what people would do without knowing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We need to come together and pray for those people, so they can feel the peace and comfort that He brings.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayer for William

Wayne took William to the ENT today (we know he is have hearing issues, and LOTS of ear infections). There is significant hearing loss & adenoids R swollen & that is why he is having trouble breathing through his nose. He failed the audiology test in both ears he has learned 2 talk from words heard & reading lips. They will call us Monday to confirm a surgery date
I want to thank Our God 4 peace in my life.He is so much BIGGER than all these things that continue 2 happen 2us.We have seen such victory & continue 2 Pray that God will give us favor.God has given me so much, more than I could ever ask 4 in my life.I pray that I will hear him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant". I will keep U posted. Thank U 4 praying 4 My family.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Giving the Lord the Glory

We have been trying to settle into our "new" lives since Feb 3rd.  I certainly feel like I am missing out on my children and husband more and more each day.  I feel like all the work that I have done for 11 years has just gone in a blink of an eye.  Then, in a moment, God gave me words from a good friend.  He reminds me that these things that were before, were not even "mine".  They're His.  The Lord of Lords, my Lord and Saviors, the Creator of the stars.  Wow, sometimes these euphoria moments are refreshing but hard to take in.  "What do you mean it isn't about me!" :-) This is sometime I truly needed to be reminded of today.  Thank you Lord for giving me that word tonight.  You have such awesome things for our family and I don't want to get in the way of that.  Wayne is becoming that man that I know you created him to be....and as Pastor Brent said today, "A spirit filled life is a tested one".  Man, than I know we are on the right path, AMEN! Lord I pray that we are your good and faithful servants that Glorify your name in our words, actions, and thoughts.  Thank you Lord for Freedom, freedom of worry and stress.  Living day to day and giving you each of them feels so good.  My ways are like dirty rags thrown to the side, thank you for adding your love, grace, and mercy to me!  I love you Lord.