Sunday, March 20, 2011

1ST Trip to the ER

Okay, Okay.  I know that you are thinking what next! Well, I came home from work about 3:30 and started to contribute to the days tasks.  While Wayne was cutting the back yard, William snuck over the fence and got into my van.  When he got his "prize", the candy necklace that his sister made me a few weeks ago that was hanging on my rear view mirror, he proceeded to get out of the van.  That's when it happened! He slammed the door (driver's side) on his THUMB.  Ouch! He screamed for Daddy and I came running out of the house.  Well, if you know me I do not go running to the hospital when ever something goes wrong, but blood was going everywhere!  So, I yelled out to everyone, "Get in the car, Get in the car!".  Dinner was just about done, but it was left.  Everything was left the way it was...that is where having good neighbors comes into play.  Heidi took care of everything.  I have done that for her too :-) We raced to Urgent Care on Yorktown Drive near the hospital (Fayette).  We were only there for 2 1/2 hours.  Wayne and 3 other people had to hold him down just to let them open the wound further to assess the situation.  He busted it up where a main nerve is, so they had to 1st take X-Rays to make sure it wasn't broken and then when they came back clear, they had to open the wound to see if the nerve was damaged.  God is so good to us ALL THE TIME :0) No nerve damage and not broken, was the verdict.  He was held down again and stitches were put in.  This was so hard for Wayne.  He said that William was crying so hard that he was sweating! Poor guy! Thank you Lord that you are always in control.  You are so mighty and protect us through our lives here on earth.  Thank you for allowing William not to have a broken thumb and no nerve damage.  Please allow his surgery to still take place Thursday, even though the hospital gave him IBprophen.  I ask all of you to pray for William and his healing and for his surgery to continue as planned.  I will keep you updated.  

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