Saturday, March 26, 2011

William's Surgery

Thursday was a big day for William.  Due to the fact that he had a rough experience with his stitches, just last Saturday, he wasn't happy at all.  It took for men to hold him down to get his stitches in and a couple in the OR to hold him down to put the gas mask on him. Each time, Wayne was one of those men.  He said he felt so sad.  William just looked at him, as his body was just a fighting and yelled through the mask, "Nooo, Daddy!!".  It looked like Wayne had teared up when he came back to me.  When he woke up from anesthesia, he was very scared and started pull his IVs out of his arm!

Once we got home, he was able to rest.  He slept for several hours and when he woke up he ate (a lot) 4 things of Jello and two big bowls of rice.  LOL  He wanted to go outside so I held him and rocked him on the patio.  He asked me, "Mommy do you hear dat?".  I asked him what I was supposed to hear.  He said, "The wind."  My heart was so heavy! Later that night we went for a walk.  He asked Wayne to push his stroller over the gravel.  You can tell in his face and smile that he was listening to the wheels going over the gravel. 

It is amazing what we take for granite everyday.  The wind, the sound of gravel being ridden on, Wow! God is so amazing, right.  He allowed us to have ears to hear, and eyes to see.  Lord I pray that I will hear you and see you always! You are so mighty and I love your path for me.  I wouldn't do it differently, even if you asked.  Sometimes I wish it was a little easier, but then I realize I wouldn't get the best ending.  Thank you for loving me and my family.  Thank you that Wayne has one good eye to see his children and me with.  Lord I pray that you will use him in a mighty way for you.  Thank you Lord for William's ears! You have restored them and I pray that we feel his ears with your words.  Lord protect my children, my family.  Raise us up to be mighty warriors for you.  Amen.

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