Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is he Lord?


I ask of you, "Who is he?"  The man that I adored and cherished.  The man that said he wanted to have me home with our children, so they can have morals and values.  Lord you tell me to be submissive and do unto my husband.  Please help me to hang on.  Being called Lazy and Selfish, because I do not want to work is so much to handle.  Who is he, Lord.  I know this storm will pass.  Lord, I pray that you will help me to know that you are near and that you hear my cries for help.  I pray that you will give me guidance to be obedient to you and not earthly man.  Protect my children from things that will affect Your truth.  Open their eyes to the things of you Lord, in my absence.  Help me to continue to have the passion that you give for my marriage.  Thank you for Lord for this time.  Help it grow me stronger with you and your truth.  Please Lord allow this time to help me to have a strong relationship with my family, including my children and husband.  You are mighty and your ways are awesome.  My thoughts and desires are mere dirty, filthy rags.  Lord make your ways be mine.  Lord you know the desire of my heart, so change them or change my surroundings.  Marriage and family is worth fighting for, Lord.  I desire to have a strong family that stands on the foundation of you.  Lord I pray for peace for my heart, right now Lord as I type this...and I pray that you will answer my pleas, so I can show those reading that you are mighty.  Have another testimony to share with others.

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