Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wayne is seeing!

Wayne went to the doctor last Friday.  Most of the restrictions he had are lifted and he can see 20/80.  Wow, what a miracle.  To know that he was a guinea pig and that no one has tried to save an eye in this condition, makes me speechless.  Exhaustion is my everyday, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am so thankful.  Praise you Lord! There are big plans for our family, I can just feel it all over my body.  November 30th could have been the last day Wayne was on this earth, but God saved him.  That speaks mountains! 20/80, 1/2 height, and problems seeing with color is a small price to pay to have my knight and shinning armor still here to share this life with me. 

I thank everyone who has prayed for the last 7months, giving us a meal, watched our children, gave us a call to check on us, etc.  We have seen the hands and feet of Jesus.  It is an overwhelming feeling to describe.  Where ever you are in life, please believe me He hears you and sees your tears! Call out to him and give your life to him.  He knows the right path for you.  He sees the whole picture and the outcome to it all.  There is so much freedom in not "owning" any of this stuff down here. 

Lord I pray that you will bless those, who have blessed this family.  I lift them up to you right now.  You know their names and how many hairs are upon their head! You are our mighty warrior and with you all things are possible, even letting blind men see.  We thank you for our protection and pray that you will continue to rule our lives, move us where you will be honored.  I pray for those who haven't given everything to you.  I pray they will have an opportunity bigger than this life to know and understand that you with us, who can against us.  Thank you for dieing on the cross, so I can live freely.  I pray that our family will be united as one and worship you in a mighty way.  Thank you Lord.  Amen 

Mission: Possible

Wow! Do good for others feels so right.  The Lord tells us to go beyond ourselves and help the needy, orphans, and widows.  Last night our church went to a house in the ghetto that is used for after school tutoring and such for the kids.  I think of it as a safe house.  Well in just an hour, we were able to clean out the whole house and rip up all the carpet.  The ladies that run the place were overwhelmed with joy.  That just fills my heart :-)

Thank you Lord for giving my family and I able bodies.  I pray everyday that you will use our tongues for goodness and speak joy/peace into others.  Lord thank you for allowing me to see my husband use his brute for good.  He could see your joy overflow in him.  Thank you Lord, also, for the connections made last night.  I pray that we, as a family, will connect with other families to have lasting relationships.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to reach out to others in a tangible way.  Thank you Lord for the church that you have called us to.  I pray Lord that you would bless them 10 fold for their obedience to you.  I thank you Lord for a place that we can worship you freely and all the "other stuff" is not present.  It's just You and I.  I, also, pray over any soul that is reading this right now, Lord.  I ask that you fill their void and give them the opportunity to Love you and know you.  I want them to have a deep relationship with you Lord that no one can shake.  You are my Rock, and without you there is nothing.  Thank You.  Amen.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To my husband-Happy Father's Day

Even though I know death may not be near, I would like the world to know who I hold dear. He is my knight and shinning armor.  I thank the Lord each day for him.  He cares for me when I am sick and keeps us safe in the night.   I appreciate his heart that is growing for the Lord more each day.  I anticipate the man that God has called him to be for us on this earth.  Team would be the word that I describe for us.  Thank you Wayne for loving our children and me.  You are our hero and encouragement for all to see.  Life is much more full with you in it each day.  Thursday will be a "big day" for you.  I pray, dear Lord, that you will see us through.  Please give us peace that only you can give and a healing that is shouted from the roof tops.  To live through such deep valleys, is such an honor.  We know that what comes at the other end is sweet blessings.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Encouragement when least expected

Today I recieved an email, which is not out of the ordinary :-).  I normally erase FW emails or subjects that don't seem to be of interest, but I felt this one should be read.  So, I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog when I post.  I pray that the Lord encourages you everyday and blesses your socks off! Here is the link of the blog that was FW to me.  Listen to the words of the song.  I have heard this song many times and it pierces my soul every time.  The Lord has allowed us to go through so much in the last couple of years.  At times, I have yelled out to him with extreme emotion.  This past week has been one of those times.  He has heard me and sent me a word through someone else. 


Lord, I am so thankful for the people that you have put in my life.  You have been molding me and I can feel you rubbing me into the great piece of artwork.  I pray that I am pouring your love, kindness, and encouragement to all that are near.  I pray that we are blessed 10 times more for anything that we do for you.  I ask you Lord to be with my co workers, family, friends, and patients.  Lord some are going through some lonely and hard struggles.  Please whisper wisdom and love into their ears.  I also ask you Lord to provide me with your words everyday.  I know that mine are filthy rags.  Thank you for loving us, even though sometimes I know that you just shake your head.  Lord, I pray for peace for my husband and our family during this next month.  I ask that you will work with Dr. Kim's hands to skillfully and miraculously heal Wayne's eye.  I pray Lord that you would give Solid direction and wisdom to Wayne for our future and his career.  Thank you for your provision for our family.  Thank you for your encouragement for me to Keep Going, when tears fill up and I just don't want to.  Lord thank you for giving me peace about my life and about things I struggle with every day.  Even though it doesn't seem like it when I am not focused, thanks for giving me words to shift me back.  I pray for success in every area you have me.  We thank you Lord for Life and our time here.  We thank you also for your beautiful creation that has brought us much of what we have.  You are our master, our creator, healer, comforter...

We love you Lord!