Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To my husband-Happy Father's Day

Even though I know death may not be near, I would like the world to know who I hold dear. He is my knight and shinning armor.  I thank the Lord each day for him.  He cares for me when I am sick and keeps us safe in the night.   I appreciate his heart that is growing for the Lord more each day.  I anticipate the man that God has called him to be for us on this earth.  Team would be the word that I describe for us.  Thank you Wayne for loving our children and me.  You are our hero and encouragement for all to see.  Life is much more full with you in it each day.  Thursday will be a "big day" for you.  I pray, dear Lord, that you will see us through.  Please give us peace that only you can give and a healing that is shouted from the roof tops.  To live through such deep valleys, is such an honor.  We know that what comes at the other end is sweet blessings.

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