Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wayne is seeing!

Wayne went to the doctor last Friday.  Most of the restrictions he had are lifted and he can see 20/80.  Wow, what a miracle.  To know that he was a guinea pig and that no one has tried to save an eye in this condition, makes me speechless.  Exhaustion is my everyday, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am so thankful.  Praise you Lord! There are big plans for our family, I can just feel it all over my body.  November 30th could have been the last day Wayne was on this earth, but God saved him.  That speaks mountains! 20/80, 1/2 height, and problems seeing with color is a small price to pay to have my knight and shinning armor still here to share this life with me. 

I thank everyone who has prayed for the last 7months, giving us a meal, watched our children, gave us a call to check on us, etc.  We have seen the hands and feet of Jesus.  It is an overwhelming feeling to describe.  Where ever you are in life, please believe me He hears you and sees your tears! Call out to him and give your life to him.  He knows the right path for you.  He sees the whole picture and the outcome to it all.  There is so much freedom in not "owning" any of this stuff down here. 

Lord I pray that you will bless those, who have blessed this family.  I lift them up to you right now.  You know their names and how many hairs are upon their head! You are our mighty warrior and with you all things are possible, even letting blind men see.  We thank you for our protection and pray that you will continue to rule our lives, move us where you will be honored.  I pray for those who haven't given everything to you.  I pray they will have an opportunity bigger than this life to know and understand that you with us, who can against us.  Thank you for dieing on the cross, so I can live freely.  I pray that our family will be united as one and worship you in a mighty way.  Thank you Lord.  Amen 

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