Wednesday, January 4, 2012



It is amazing the message that Paul poured out to Philemon-Forgiveness.  Earlier to another church he spoke about forgiveness, forgiving others as Christ has forgiven you.  As Christians, we tend to collect in our little groups and don't participate in this Forgiveness that the Lord speaks about.  Now that God has placed me in a church and a body of people that are not so familiar, I have experienced some of this acceptance towards others.  My experience has been with people God has placed in my life, for example at my job earlier this year.  Me, getting to know people, and loving them for who they were not judging them on their outside appearance.  Our church comprises of all walks of life and I enjoy the different testimonies.  We all love the Lord and want to grow deeper with great passion, but yet have been through different situations which has made us unique and important to the group.  Forgiveness.  What a mighty God we serve and compassionate.  I am forgiven, so I must forgive.

Lord, thank you for your forgiveness.  I pray that you would fill my life with opportunities to love on your people: The hurt and The broken.  Allow me to show forgiveness and kindness to them, to show my children how to do the same.  Open our eyes to see what you see in people, not what our fleshy eyes see.  I pray for discernment to distinguish between those really forgiven and those that will hurt me.  Thank you for redeeming Wayne yesterday at his job and I pray that he continues to Wow them with his abilities.  Give him the wisdom and knowledge to do his job well.  I also ask that you would place in his heart direction for his career and our lives.  Allow me to be submissive to him and be the help mate that he needs in his journey here on earth.  In Jesus' precious name.  Amen.  

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