Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He comes through...

It never seizes to amaze me that God is in our lives.  1st-God hears our outpouring of cries/prayers.  The news is in and Uncle Gary has the cancer that can be treated.  Thank you Jesus! The doctors are very hopeful that treating it aggressively will put it into remission.  2nd-Everything is in God's timing.  I know that I will be healed of whatever is going on inside of me.  Sarah laughed at the idea that she would finally be blessed with a son at such an old age (90).  This was 25 or26 years after God promised them a son and a nation.  I can't loose hope, because it will happen. 

I lift up my children, my husband, and me.  Lord I want us to reach out to the poor, needy, homeless, orphans, and widows for your name sake.  To tell you the truth it scares the beegeezees out of me to think of stepping out of my comfortable walls, but I know that I am safe with you.  I want to glorify you and I want to grow deep into a relationship with you along side my family.  In you I have hope, dreams, and a future.  I cast away the evil one.  He is not welcome in this house or around me and my family.  You are my creator, Abba, healer, Mighty One, Prince of Peace.  In you I have all things.  Encourage us to do things for you each and everyday.  In Jesus' name, Amen. 

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