Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Awe

Thank you for, Lord for the people you have placed in my life.  I know that everyone bad or good was there to serve a purpose.  Today, I have been off my game.  I ask you daily to lift me up, to continue to pour your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self control into me.  I desire to have your home filled with loving memories and serving moments that my children would cherish forever.  Lord I can't do these things with just me.  I am just filthy rags, but you Lord, you are majestic and all powerful.  You heal, comfort, send peace... I need you Lord to be a light in my families darkness, send words when words can't come.  I need forgiveness for the behavior I displayed today.  I desire a loving and deep relationship with my husband and with each of my children.  I want them to love you and serve you all the days of their lives.  I want to enjoy being with my children and treasure their moments in life.  I want my husband to feel "home" when he is here.  I want to serve him 1st and foremost.  You have given him to me, so allow me to be submissive and trust his guidance.  I ask that you guide him Lord to what you want for our family. 

Thank you for your healing in me: spiritually and physically.  Thank you for the healing in Uncle Gary.  I ask that you send him peace and joy.  Please allow him to find a woman that will love and cherish him just for him.  I also pray that she will love you more! 

I pray Lord that you will send refuge to my friend and that she will experience your awesomeness.  She needs you Lord, even right now.  You know her name and I ask that you will speak to her in an audible voice.  Let her know that she is loved and that you treasure her. 

I pray that our group is filled to the rim with your love and compassion for people that we are just contagious.  We all want to be closer to you Lord. 

Thank you again for the success and favor in Wayne's career.  You are a mighty God and in all things you are good.  You have given him life, and life abundantly.  Thank you, Thank you, Praise you...I continue to ask you for him to grow spiritually and for you to fill him with abundant life.  Lord, let him led us to you in everything he does and says.  He is our earthly leader and I desire him to be reaching to you for every decision. 

Thank you Lord for my mother and father.  You have held them through their storms and continue to be right there with them.  Give them courage to take a stand and fill themselves with your word.  Lord I pray that they will see you in everything that is around them and that they will serve you in a might way.  I pray that they will give their hearts over to you and to pour out your word, love, kindness to everyone around them.  Bless them, Lord, for you know their hearts.  Send them people that will light the way and plant the seeds to flourish your name.

You are mighty.  You have created me to be whole, good, smart, beautiful, lovely, inspiring, hopeful, trustworthy, self controlled, kind to others and especially my family/friends.  Fill me Lord, fill me.  I only want you Lord.   Lord I want your glory to shine from my face and beam to the hearts of all around me.

Thank you Lord.  In your precious son's name-Jesus. Amen

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