Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well, I began a new bible study with our home group.  Let me just tell you that the whole thing plum frightened me.  You mean we are going to be evangalizing to strangers! I read the introduction this morning and realized that I am quite excited.  We will be embarking on new ground placed before us from God.  He will be showing us how to outpour his love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control to everyone.  We will start with the most precious, our family.  The Lord knows that I have been dealing up to my eye balls in coming back home since October.  I never thought that, what I wanted and cried for daily, would be so hard to come back to.  My eldest has had to step in and be the parent and now has to learn to enjoy being a kid again.  But there is a catch she is 12 1/2 and feels weird and out of place.  She is too old to be a kid, but to young to be a child.  This is seriously effecting our relationship.  So, bring it on Lord.  I have asked you for months to bring joy, peace, love, and SELF-CONTROL to each of us here, especially ME! I want this things and Satan is fighting me all the way.  With you Lord all this are possible. 

Lord, I ask that you will be alive in me.  Allow me to show the children your character.  Mine is rubbish and always failing.  Don't let it be too late for our relationships to prosper and grow.  I want to be deeper with you along side my famiily.  Touch their hearts Lord and their minds.  Let them feel your presence and know that you will be with them forever.  I pray that school will go as planned for you.  I also ask that you will give me a vision for school, church, marriage.  Lord I want passion in these areas that will glorify your name! You are mighty and I love you.  Thank you for your grace and love for me when it doesn't seem that I am loveable.  In Jesus' name, Amen!

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