Sunday, January 29, 2012

You know...

You know my deepest desires.  You know that I want healing for my family, friends, and myself.  You know that I want to experience you in the deepest level with not only myself, but with my husband and children.  I want you to mend the brokenness of my mom's and dad's heart and for them to seek you all their days.  I want a friendship with my church parishioners and with my children.  I want to enjoy my children and want to be with them.  I want them to love me back.  I want the life that you choose, not a path that is uncertain and leads to death.  Your way may look uncertain to those who are sitting on the fence or don't know you, but it is straight to you.  I want the things that you allow us to have: cars, house, children, etc to glorify you.  Speak to me Lord and give me your vision for my marriage, for the children that you have given to me, and for the home that you have saved for us. 

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