Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Your Neighbors

Leave it to my son to show us how to love our neighbors.  The day before Valentine's Day, William received his "new book" from National Wildlife Federation.  I read it that night, as I was putting him to bed.  In the magazine, there were Puffins and he asked me if they flew.  I told him I would find out and tell him tomorrow.  Well, the next morning I googled whether they flew and printed out a Puffin coloring sheet for him.  He was excited to know that they did fly and colored his picture with great detail.  He studied the picture of the puffin in his book, and then colored his picture accordingly.  He did such a great job and I was truly impressed! Well, he stood and made a declaration, " I want to give this to someone".  It was Valentine's Day, so I suggested to mail it to a grandparent.  He looked out the window and said "No, I want to give it to my neighbor."  He pointed across the street to a neighbor that we weren't really on good terms with due to some hunting issues and my father-in-law.  I cringed and said, "Sure."  Hoping he would forget my the end of the day.  As it was getting dusk, William looked out the window and said, "Mommy, we have to hurry and take my picture to our neighbor.  It is getting dark!"  So, I said okay and we took it to her door.  Her room mate was there and proudly excepted the picture, shook William's hand, and told him that she would love this picture when she got home.  When we left the house, William smiled from one ear to the other and looked up at me.  He said, "God said to love our neighbors!"  Boy did he teach me a thing or two that night.  I told Wayne what had happened and confessed that we need to love our neighbors, as God has called us to do.  It only took my 4 year old to teach me.

God, thank you for all of my neighbors.  We may not be really close or speak much, but they are my neighbors.  I pray that there will be a bond that will be between us all.  I also pray that we will be there for one another.  Thank you Lord for little gifts of your grace and love towards such a sinner like me.  I ask that you continue to pour your truth and qualities into my children.  I pray they will witness for you, and experience you in a might way.  I want them to know you Lord like never before and when people are around them, they can feel your presence.  Thank you Thank you.  I love you Lord.  In Jesus' Name-Amen!  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

As I sit on my swing reading, in the backyard, I hear my children excited about a radio they made work themselves and our chickens happily clucking.  My heart is warmed with God's joy just as the days breeze is touching my face.  I thank you Lord for the life you have given me.  I ask that you protect my children and allow them to grown up to be strong faithful lovers of you.  I pray that their wives and husbands would serve you and love my children all the days their lives.  I pray that you continue to mold Wayne into the man you want him to be.  Lord, I pray that I will become the wife, Mother, friend, daughter that you have always known I can be. 

I burst with overwhelming joy with song:

Sings my soul, My Savior God to thee, how great thou art.  How Great thou Art!

I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you Oh my soul rejoice....Let it be a sweet, sweet, sound in your ear. 


Monday, February 13, 2012


I find it interesting that when reading the Bible we see that the obedient followers of Christ are blessed beyond measure and those bent on changing or turning their cheeks have a hard time.  I thought about this morning as I was reading about Esau and Jacob.  It isn't that I haven't read the story before, but I just realized that as humans we want everything! Here two brothers are that clearly since conception have two totally different views on life.  It isn't that Esau didn't believe in Abraham's God, but he was just stubborn.  And what about Jacob, poor fellow just always listened to his mother :0) Which is a blessing when obeying the Lord, right.  He was quiet and obedient and was blessed with many things.  I just pray that the Lord would bless me more than I can imagine (He has in so many ways already). 

I ask you Lord to continue to bless my life and my children.  Please allow me to leave a heritage of Godly ways to my children and grandchildren.  I pray Lord that I will live a life that is Worthy of Your praise.  I pray that I am obedient the 1st time, always.  Your path is the light and I desire that for my life.  I pray that you can bring me peace, joy, faithfulness, meek and mild temper, and LOTS of self-control.  Lord you know the desires of my heart and if they line with your will, then as your words says let them me mine.  Thank you in advance for your Love, Grace, Guidance, Presence, and Peace.  You are my Lord and Master, My Prince of Peace, My Comforter, My Leader...Through you I can do all things.  In your might son's name-Jesus, Amen.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

GMO-Genetically Modified

Did you know that by eating this you are becoming less human! That is a scientific fact.  I called almost all the manufacturers in my pantry today.  General Mills is the worst! They said that they believe that modified foods is not harmful for people and that they think that as long as they are with the guidelines of the FDA they are fine.  I am so amazed at what these manufacturers are doing to us.  Our cells are confused and are causing all kinds of damage to our bodies, including cancer.   I pray that the Lord will give his people the money, knowledge, and courage to take a stand to healthier eating.  We need to eat more organically grown meats, veggies, and fruits.  Just as the Lord gave them to us.  I pray that whoever reads this will google GMO and find out for themselves what it is and what foods to avoid.  If we come together as a country they will go out of business.  Even Europe has banned all GMO processed products and ingredients. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do all in the name of God

These pictures are us at Callaway Gardens last weekend.

 The other day I was at the bank and the teller asked me, "Hey, are you still working?".  I replied that I was no longer working, but came back home.  She looked at me with her eyebrows turned down and said, "Why, wasn't it a good job?".  I smiled at her and told her, "I loved my job, but I love my kids more.  They are only small once and will be grown before I know it, so I have the rest of my life to work."  I turned and went back to my children that were waiting in the car.  There is always arguing and chaos, but I don't think I would change that for the world.  Staying at home with my 3 children and going through our trials with them is priceless.  Learning to "deal" with their emotional changes are also a lesson for me to have experience with self-control, patience, compassion, and faithfulness.  I realized that moment that this was a commitment and with the Lord I am up for the challenge.  I can do all things through him who gives me strength Philippians 4:13.  I love being at home and serving my husband and children.  I ask the Lord to allow me to reach people where I am, so he does.  I serve at my church with community outreach, serve my children, husband, and neighbor.  He has allowed me to pray for strangers and grow friendships that might not otherwise grew.  I will continue to pray that I will do all to the Glory of God!