Thursday, February 9, 2012

GMO-Genetically Modified

Did you know that by eating this you are becoming less human! That is a scientific fact.  I called almost all the manufacturers in my pantry today.  General Mills is the worst! They said that they believe that modified foods is not harmful for people and that they think that as long as they are with the guidelines of the FDA they are fine.  I am so amazed at what these manufacturers are doing to us.  Our cells are confused and are causing all kinds of damage to our bodies, including cancer.   I pray that the Lord will give his people the money, knowledge, and courage to take a stand to healthier eating.  We need to eat more organically grown meats, veggies, and fruits.  Just as the Lord gave them to us.  I pray that whoever reads this will google GMO and find out for themselves what it is and what foods to avoid.  If we come together as a country they will go out of business.  Even Europe has banned all GMO processed products and ingredients. 

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