Monday, February 13, 2012


I find it interesting that when reading the Bible we see that the obedient followers of Christ are blessed beyond measure and those bent on changing or turning their cheeks have a hard time.  I thought about this morning as I was reading about Esau and Jacob.  It isn't that I haven't read the story before, but I just realized that as humans we want everything! Here two brothers are that clearly since conception have two totally different views on life.  It isn't that Esau didn't believe in Abraham's God, but he was just stubborn.  And what about Jacob, poor fellow just always listened to his mother :0) Which is a blessing when obeying the Lord, right.  He was quiet and obedient and was blessed with many things.  I just pray that the Lord would bless me more than I can imagine (He has in so many ways already). 

I ask you Lord to continue to bless my life and my children.  Please allow me to leave a heritage of Godly ways to my children and grandchildren.  I pray Lord that I will live a life that is Worthy of Your praise.  I pray that I am obedient the 1st time, always.  Your path is the light and I desire that for my life.  I pray that you can bring me peace, joy, faithfulness, meek and mild temper, and LOTS of self-control.  Lord you know the desires of my heart and if they line with your will, then as your words says let them me mine.  Thank you in advance for your Love, Grace, Guidance, Presence, and Peace.  You are my Lord and Master, My Prince of Peace, My Comforter, My Leader...Through you I can do all things.  In your might son's name-Jesus, Amen.

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