Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh How He Loves Me

Tonight was the 1st Saturday "religious meeting" that our church has held.  I have prayed throughout the week that God's presence would be felt.  With pot luck style dinner and fellowship, we began to worship.  PB ask for people to come up for healing, and I heard my thoughts wander.  Saying, "You don't believe it.  You just don't believe it can be done, don't go up there."  The musicians and singers started to sing "Fill me Lord" and I just listened, repeated...There was a older woman and husband, with what looked to be her married daughter and husband.  I kept hearing her say, "Yes, Jesus Fill Me.  Fill me, Jesus."  A moment passed, as I continued to listen, I felt the Holy Spirit come on me.  It was warm and flowed throughout my whole body.  I heard then, "I am healed, in the name of Jesus.  You don't have to go up there, but you can be healed in the name of Jesus." Burst out in tears and just worshiped the God of my fathers, God of Abraham, My Jehovah, My Creator, My Lover, and My Friend.  He loves me so much, so much more that I could ever imagine. 

I witnessed tonight the Love of our Father, how He ministered to a young girl through Anna.  Anna just being so motherly to her and the girl being more calm than she has ever been.  The domestic qualities that she possesses was over looked until tonight.  She showed her worship with this girl and through asking the other little girls to draw pictures for the people.  One by one, they drew and walked right up to the attendees to give them their art.  He showed me her attributes that are like Him. 

Thank you Lord for giving us life.  A life that is just filled with your presence.  You continue to amaze me with your power, love, grace, and mercy.  I ask that you would continue to "open" my eyes to what is for your glory.  I do not want my way, but yours.  Thank you for healing me.  Thank you for my children.  I ask that they will seek you as their Lord and Savior, up holding you as their standard in life.  I pray for their husbands and wife.  I pray that you would prepare their hearts as a lover of you and to be as one with them.  I also pray for Wayne, that you will fill his life with a passion for you.  That he would be the spiritual leader of our family and continue to honor you. Thank you Lord.  You are the one! In Jesus Name Amen

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