Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well, being without a vehicle for almost 4 months has certainly had its challenges.  As I paid the previous owner this morning, in cash, for our 2001 New Beetle; I felt exhilarating! We have never been able to purchase something like this on our own before and knowing as I drove away that it is mine (title in hand).  I almost felt like it wasn't true.  Just pinch me :-)

I wanted to take a minute to praise the God of fathers.  He has made this come true for us, not ourselves.  He prepared our hearts to want less and be satisfied.  Thank you Lord for your love and gifts to me.  We are sons and daughters of your kingdom and I am at awe.  You are majestic even in the tough times and I am proud to call you Papa.  Continue to mold Wayne and I to your will.  Allow us to share your word and testimony with others.  I pray blessings on my children as they grow to be obedient followers of Christ.  In your Mighty Son's Name-Amen.

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