Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do I Homeschool?

I am a learner at heart, so the other day I stumbled upon a webinar from Rainbow Resource.  It was about choosing the right curriculum.  Well, I am also one not to just waste money, so this appealed to me.  As I listened, one of the questions that it asked was "Why do you homeschool?"  It listed various reasons why one might jump into the hardest thing they have every done.  If your wondering, "Because I am crazy", wasn't one of the reasons :0) I have thought about this question for a week now, and feel led to blog the answer.

So, Why do I homeschool anyway?

This question can be answered a different way depending on the day and season in my life.  At first, I firmly believe that God called me to this ministry.  A ministry of healing past hurts of being a young mom and redeeming a relationship that God wants me to have with my children.  I know that some of you think to yourselves, that spending 24 hours a day-7 days a week with your children is not the best way to gain a healthy relationship with them.  But I ask you to question that thought.  Over the past 8 years I have been able to see our character for what it is.  We have been able to grow spiritually and to invest in one another's lives.  I believe that even on really bad days, God has shown us the art of forgiveness. We have been able to focus on the heart of situations, whether it was to comfort my eldest when she had a tumor and was wondering why her.  Or if it was having a sibling that was born with hip dysplasia and coping through it.  Trying to be there for one another and pray hard as a family for healing/restoration.   Being able to be there when it took 10 months for your father to heal and to learn to help step up when you are needed for life, is Priceless.  Witnessing a true miracle of a complete healing together.  I know, I know, any family can do these things.  But, just to be able to be there was more than memories. 

The calling that God has for me is to rise my children to love him.  He has placed me in a season that has people who have also been called for this reason.   I desire my children to love the Lord first, then do everything they can to live out their passions.  I want them to make time for their families by knowing when to slow down their activities.  I want them to really know the Lord their God as their friend, savior, and healer.  To hear him as that quiet still voice and to live accordingly.  So, when asked the question of why I homeschool, I just want the best for my children (as we all do).  Now, I can say we homeschool because not only has God called us to do so, but because we love spending time with each other.  Also, being able to use the time we have for what God wants us to do. 

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