Friday, April 6, 2012

Unexpected Moments

As we were packing to go to the lake, William noticed a sock money.  You see the sock monkey was made by my best friend's mother, before she become ill. They currently have a relationship, due to her moving in with my friend.  He sees Ms. Betty almost everyday, hugging and telling her that he loves her.  She lights up when she sees him come through the door.  I didn't realize this relationship until what happened next.  He has had this monkey since he was a wee little thing, and never played with it or noticed it.  Something was different today though.  He asked me, "Where did I get this, Mommy?" I replied by telling him it was from Ms. Betty before she was sick.  He looked at it with such awe..and turned announcing to his sisters with joy, "Natalie, Ms. Betty made this for me! Anna, Ms. Betty made this for me!"  I can't explain the excitement and thrill to his heart that shined upon his face.  He has not put the monkey down and even slept with it.

Some things in life are not understood at the time they occur, but when the Ah Ha moment comes it is quite overwhelming.  My mother taught me that "It is better to have loved, then to have never loved before."  This lesson is very hard, especially when we know the outcome of our lives here on earth.

God thank you for our friend Ms. Betty.  She is such a beautiful creation from your skillful hands.  I ask that you bless her Lord and keep her with your peace.  I pray Lord that when it is her time, that you will just take her like a breath of air.  I also pray Lord that the relationships that are made with her are treasured for your Glory.  You are mighty and awesome in power.  I will serve you all my days and pray my children and husband will too.  In your precious son's name, Jesus.  Amen.

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