Thursday, May 31, 2012


It is amazing the difference in how people react to death.  Some never come by or call, because they just can't handle looking or hearing about how their loved one as they deteriorate.  Some have the burden of caring for the loved one full time, which they struggle with guilt of sometimes wanting to give up.  Either way, is hard and you will never know how you will handle it until death hits you right in the face. 

I have had the honor to be next door to my friend, who has taken the load of caring for her mother for the last five months.  When she arrived, we thought it to be only a month or so, but the care was obviously so much better than she was previously given.  Her conditions improved to where we thought she may live like this for 5-10 years.  Last week I noticed something had changed.  Her demeanor was different.  I didn't think much about it because I figured that my friend had noticed it too.  Four days later, a nurse was called in to evaluate her due to swelling and on going pain.  The verdict from that nurse was that her kidneys were failing.  Yesterday, her regular nurse evaluated her and stated she noticed a big difference in behavior and health too.  She gave my friend, what I call, the "death talk".  I never had such a pleasure before listening to the description of death.  She compared it to a developing fetus.  As God created us one organ at a time in the womb, we move from one world to another one organ at a time.  She said that the least important functions go first, like circulation until the Heart and Lungs (which is the last stage) go.  She also said that the journey for the sick is a long one and it takes a lifetime.  For the caregiver and family it is brief, because they tend not to notice the changes when they first occur in the process.  Her peaceful and mono-toned voice was almost like a breath of fresh air.

Death is so uncertain, so scary for most humans to handle.  Today, I am one step further from becoming not afraid, but joyful.  Joyful because that is one step closer to the Lord and to the gates of Heaven.  I did ask the Lord to allow me to live long on the earth and for my children not to experience this in a young age.  It is one thing to experience this with Grandparents, my neighbor's mom, cousins, etc than to watch your Mother or Father go through this...So, in my prayers I am asking the Lord to give me peace and allow His will which is perfect to be done. 

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