Monday, June 11, 2012

Interesting Journey

God is so humorous, but all seeing.  You know that he calls the least of these to do the greatest things.  For example: Samuel was just a child, but completely dedicated to the Lord.  David took town Goliath, which by comparison is a miracle.   Last but not least, Gideon.  Oh Gideon.  He himself did not even feel worthy of the task that God laid before him, but his accomplishments spoke Mountains of what God can do with us. 

So, God has called me (in the middle of a service mind you) to lead our Children's Ministry.  What a BIG task to fill?  He literally has given me the material, dates, times, schedule, security, paperwork, etc that I need...He really wants me to do this :-)

I have often heard the demons say that your not good enough, or you can't be a role model to children much less teach them about Him...In these moments have to remember that I am a Daughter of the most high God and He is giving me the wisdom plus the means to do all of this.  I can do nothing of myself.

What a mighty God we serve.  He loves me no matter what.  Thank you Lord for the provision in the teaching of the children at our church.  I pray that you will rise up volunteers to take on this task at hand and that you will protect us from harm.  Lord I ask that you continually give me encouragement through my pastor, his wife, parents, and especially through my husband and children.  You are the focus of our studies and I pray that you are NEVER not.  I lift up every student and future students of our group.  I ask that you would reign in their lives and allow them to be forever moved, which would in turn change the lives of others.  Give me the wisdom Lord to conduct myself in a Godly manner, loving everyone around me and sharing your Compassion.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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