Friday, November 2, 2012

"God takes good care of me"

Last week was a hard one, but this week is just icing on the cake.  As my daughter and I started our way to Alabama, our newer car broke down.  It took almost two hours for a wrecker and my mom (all the way from Alabama) to recover us.  After we dropped the car off at the shop in Haralson (a local backyard mechanic that a lot of us use), my Daddy was insistent that Momma bring me to Alabama.  So, we set off finally in the direction we intended to go earlier in the day. 

As we sat in the car waiting for everyone to arrive, my daughter said, " Mom you sure are handling this really well."  I just simply replied that there was no since in crying or shouting or getting upset.  Doing any of those things wasn't going to bring the car back to life or make us get to our destination any faster.  So, we decided to play games instead (electronically :-). 

During the night, early Tuesday morning, we received a phone call that my Daddy's uncle had passed.  He had been battling pancreatic cancer for several months and finally received his peace.  I am thankful that we were there, so my Daddy wouldn't be alone and dealing with his emotions.  Then on Wednesday after surviving the journey to Fairburn for the funeral-which was prayerfully joyful and peaceful, we get a phone call that the asset damages to the car would be $900! That nearly choked me, silently.  I didn't know how I would pay the horrific traffic ticket, advalorem on the car, our mortgage, and the other few bills that we have.  I just told the Lord that he would have to handle this, because I was just plain tired of worrying about stuff. 

At church on Sunday, as I tithed, I asked the Lord to help us eat, pay are bills, and give us direction.  Tithing hurt way more that it usually did.  Ya know in a non-tithers mentality tithing doesn't make any sense and the budget never can be in the black (for most of us anyway).  So, this week was a particularly extra hard week.  I trusted him and kept my promise to the promised tithe.

Low and behold, he has cared for us.  First, Wednesday I called on the ticket to see how much it was.  I jokingly mentioned that I hadn't received a ticket in 11 years and the woman agreed.  She offered me a ticketed warning, which doesn't go on my record and only cost $30! God is so good!!!

Then today, Friday, my pastor contacted me and some anonymous person gave the church $400 to the cost of our vehicle getting repaired! Wow, right!

Then, Wayne called me today and told me he actually got 4 loads today at work.  He hasn't done this in weeks! Plus, he was given 4 bags of dog food.

Along with all of this, in William's school this week we were covering N-N-Nest.  The cue card for this sound states, "God takes good care of me".  Today we read out of Matthew, reminding all of us that even the birds of the air do not go without food, shelter, and clothing.  God knows what we need before we even ask.  The birds do not ask, but they receive.  So, we too shall receive his care because we do ask.

I know that you are awesome, God.  This week, even though it was rough, I trusted you.  I asked for your guidance and the finances for our situations, which you delivered in multiples.  Thank you for loving me and allowing me to be the daughter of the King.  The one who created us all to Love and to share this love with all around us.  I ask that you bless the person that wants there good deed to be secret.  I pray that you will give them 100 times the amount that they gave us.   I felt like the widow and her mite, but just like you blessed her-you have us.  Continue to allow us to follow what you want for our lives.  You know our hearts' desire and if they are yours then let them be.  I pray that our mechanic receives financial blessings from you as well and the heart of God.  He loves to help people and make sure that they are not "ripped off", and for this Lord, please bless him and encourage him.  Wrap his family into your arms and fill their hearts with your word.  Thank you, again, Abba. 

In Jesus' Name,

Your Daughter

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