Monday, January 21, 2013

Builders for Christ

As I lay in bed on New Year's Day, I remembered the sweet man that visited us on move in day.  As of today, we have suffered through the Flu, a stomach virus, and a job lose.  Yep, and it has only been 4 weeks since we moved into Grandmother's house.  I asked the Lord that night to remember me, to let the "first of the year" be truly the first of the year that they would call about working on the house.  Then on January 2nd, Rendel called at 10 am.  He came over that day and we began to plan the work on the ceilings.  So amazing.  So, we moved out of the house again (which this time everything we own fits into a single car carport).

The work began  January 14th.  Several men came out, including my friend's brother and by day one all the ceilings were tore out and construction began to restore them.  That night, while I was getting ready for bed, I asked Wayne if it was selfish to ask if they could raise the ceiling in the living room.  It stood at 6'8" and a little higher would be cool, right.  He said that he didn't know and to go with my gut :-) So, the next day Rendel came up to me and asked the same question! This was without me telling him a thing.  I know that God reached into his brain and asked him for me.

It's neat to think of the history of the house. My Grandmother lived here for 58 years, plus my aunt and my Daddy lived here their whole childhood.  We have heard so many stories over the years.  We got to add two to our belts during demolition.  One, we found a wick in it's box from a kerosene lantern.  Daddy said that it smoked up the whole house and that Grandma had to clean their skin (because it was black as night due to the soot in the air) before they could go to school the next day.  Also, the roof still had bark on pieces of wood.  Every piece of wood came from the saw mill that was local here.

Now at the end of a long week, where God came to his promise of blessing us and my grandparents/parents, we have beautiful and structurally sound ceilings.  We don't have to worry about them falling in on us and they will last for another 60 plus years.  The living room is now 7' 6" too.  We actually have lights in every room of the house now :-) Rendel is not done with us either.  He told us Wednesday and Friday that he is praying for some more work to be done to the house.  In his words, "If a man doesn't help others, he just isn't worth anything."


Lord, you have been so good on your word.  You gave me steps, I obeyed, and you came good on your promises.  I ask that you bless Rendel and everyone that helped this week, even those who came to give them food.  I ask that you give him freedom from the heartache of loosing his wife just some short time ago.  Lord, continue to mold us into the people that you want us to be.  Give us God moments to encourage others and a way for us to spill the beans of your love and compassion for us.  Thank you again for this home.  I offer it to you and ask that you lead us in a way that my whole family will grow closer to you.  You are magnificent and a beautiful creator.  You are my friend.  Thank you Lord for loving me...In Jesus' name, Amen.

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