Friday, June 7, 2013

God's Truck

Okay, so I was told to share something that I wasn't very comfortable doing, but here it goes. Some of you know that we purchased a vehicle a little over a year ago and it unfortunately has been in the shop A LOT! In fact, we paid $4500 for the car and spend $3000 in repairs.  A good friend of mine was even in the car to witness it's issues (just after picking it up from the shop 24 hours prior).  The only thing we could do is let it rot in our yard, while paying insurance on it and me dreaming for a way out of here some days :-( , or selling it to Car Max.  This way I would not be paying insurance or looking at it, but still dreaming of a way out of here! :-)

I thought, seriously, that I was going to faint (especially if you really know me) when they told us they would only give us $1700 for the car.  But we did it anyway, what else was there to do, right?

The same friend that witnessed the car's cruel behavior suggested after about a week of uncertainty with the van, go online and see if you can get a loan.  I replied with "Yeah right, you know what we are going through, right?" I did what she said and low and behold we got a loan, but for a whopping 18%! Really!

By this time, the engine in the van is knocking and we had used some of the money to replace the serpentine belt, back shocks, thermostat, and the front struts.  The knocking still continued. I prayed and asked the Lord for peace about a car payment and for so much...

Last Saturday, after Wayne waited patiently for 3 1/2 hours for graves automotive to replace the thermostat and they told us that they would have to keep the van for several days before they could try and diagnosis the knocking sound, we purchased a truck.

I am calling this God's Truck, because God sent the owner of the dealership into my Daddy's life.  Daddy called him and spoke with him, telling him "You better do right with my Daughter." :-) Gotta love those over protected Daddy's

Boy did they! They worked it out where the interest was 9% (still high but 1/2 of what the online loan was doing for us), gave us the GAP insurance and a Hitch, and took off $6000 from the cost of the truck so we could get it! Our payment is only $30 different than a used one would be and the program that we are on allows us to trade it in after a year, for a Promised no matter what fixed rate of 1.9% (which will lower our payment by $90!).

Just a reminder that God has it all figured out.  He knows that we needed a vehicle and had no earthly person that could or wanted to help us.  He is our Abba and provider.  I am just amazed at our father.  I hope you are blessed and swimming in his abundance today.

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