Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Seasons, again

I have been really excited about my oldest growing up into an adult.  She has so much compassion for others and it is exhilarating to think of what God has in store for her.  In 12 more days she will be going to Costa Rica for a mission trip. Last year about this time, we (including me) were pumped.  Now I am finding myself nervous and excited and sad, all at the same time.  I am seeking the Father daily for her protection, direction in her life, and peace in mine.

My parents surprised her with some new clothes to take with her on the trip, so has spent the week with them out of state.  Normally my girls, who have shared the same room for 10 years, love to have time apart...but something is different in the air.  My little girl has been crying and tonight she was so sad.  She said that she felt that her sister was gone forever.  Wow, this was heart breaking.

I talked with her about changes and how we all have to grow up.  I reminded her that her sister, as she will too, grow and have a family of her own.  My oldest is about to turn 14 and potentially only has 4 years left in the nest.  Apparently, to my wee one, that is hard to swallow.  Here I thought I was dealing with some stretching and change issues, and right underneath my nose she is too!

Lord, I ask that you would send your sweet peace to our family.  I know how it is to have a big sibling leave the nest and go one with their lives, never to return.  Father, as I write this, you know that I am missing my youth and my brothers.  Give me reconciliation for anything done, and allow us to be joined again.  I love them and ask that you would care for them, give them a great urge to come to know you and want to call you friend.  As far as my children, Lord my heart sings tonight of praises to you.  I asked for years for them to love each other and never to be apart, and you did just that.  Soften this change in our life Father.  Help us not to morn what is "lost", but to treasure the new.  Thank you for loving me, my children, my husband, my family, mankind.  You are our salvation and our rock.  You give us peace and rest.  I lean on you Oh Lord, tonight and every night.  Amen.

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