Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Social Media DIE, oh but wait!

Facebook and other electronic places are sweeping us away from daily things.  We can't even to carry a conversation with one another these days.  Just when I thought, "enough is enough", I remembered why I choose to spend some of the day on the screen.

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  •  Facebook is a good reminder of the beautiful mess we are...and how much we need others and God kept close.
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  • Definitely
  • That's the best status I have ever read! God bless you guys 
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  • You added beautifully to my week! 
  • you are so very sweet to say that. You are an amazing person I have never met, but we shared laughter at each others jokes, prayed for hardships for both mine and your husbands jobs, prayed for medical healing be done ...See More
  •  Please forgive me MB I forgot to mention how FB brought two total strangers together because they both share a cause dear to their heart. It has been nice getting to know you and spend time with you. Coffee soon, I hope.

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