Monday, November 18, 2013

Reflection on "bad luck"

3 years ago on November 30th our life changed...though some people on the outside view our lives as disrupted or "bad luck", as we take a look back we realize that God is so good. Who needs luck, when the one who created us has our side. I'm not gonna lie almost dying, spending a week begging 10 doctors to try and save what was left of his eye, being away from the kids, barely being able to stand without passing out, realizing that I had to go back to work when we got home, spending 10 months of uncertainty whether he would ever return to work, then when he did never recovering which ended in walking away from our beloved was hard. As I type this though, I am truly thankful for all of it. God taught us to lean on him-for shelter (which he, himself gave us), for food (never had been in drought of food before-but he never allowed us to go hungry), for each other. Sometimes I hear people say the worse time of the year for tragedy to happen is the holidays. I would like to suggest the opposite. I am thankful for our tragedy and for its placement in our journey. Now I can be thankful everyday, but reflect every holiday of how good God is in our lives. God is definitely why I rise in the morning and sleep with peace in my heart at night. I want more of him, so much more.

Lord, I come to you and ask that I can be more like you.  You lift me in times of despair and give me hope and a future.  I don't want my flesh taking control of anything in the journey that you are setting before me.  I ask for boldness and to be courageous to follow your will.  It takes these things, Lord, to be obedient to your will.  Give me your words to encourage and to see people the way you see them.  Fill our home with your Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Strength.  I want to be the light in the darkness to those that are hurting. Lord, this family I call mine, is truly yours.  Allow us to grow in you together and reach the lost and hurt together as a family.  You are our creator, our healing, our Prince of Peace, and King of Kings...In your holy name, Jesus and Abba Father, Amen. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stepping out in faith

Okay lately I have felt that God has moved us for a reason...I am overwhelmed by my experience today.  This morning I had a meeting that challenged me to seek God in this area and to ask for ways to embrace opportunities to be like Jesus.  Well, all day I have been praying about this...murmuring about it while I am going about the day.  I decided to go to the grocery store, one that we don't usually go too and at 4?, and a woman come up to me asking for $$ or food bc she was homeless.

I will pause here to say, I remember as a child my daddy stopped on the Fairburn exit off ramp to offer a man a job for the day.  The man had a sign that said "Will Work For Food".  Well, the man said NO I just want the money.  This has been a memory that has never been forgotten, because I saw my dad care for the hungry and, also, someone turning down the help that he asked for?

I explained that I didn't have any money on me, but I would get her some fruit and vegetables from the store.  She smiled and said, "Thank you so much.  I'll wait right here." Anna was nervous and my heart was racing, but we went and did our shopping being diligent to get a few things that were healthy and filling for the stranger.  When we checked out she was gone.

I drove around a few places that I thought she might be, but nothing.  This gave me an opportunity to tell Anna that she could have been Jesus and knew that we stepped out in faith and added more to our groceries than planned, that maybe someone gave her some money and she had to go, etc.  Anna even prayed at dinner that she would find somewhere warm and that she would have food to eat.

God, I know that your ways are not like mine.  You direct our paths, paths to righteousness.  I ask that you give me more opportunities to be the light of Jesus to my neighbors and protect us from danger.  Thank you for a roof over our head, for power and gas to heat us, for vehicles to drive, for jobs, for money to buy groceries and few more for a stranger though we didn't get the chance to give them to her.  You are our provider, our comforter, and healer.  Without you in my life, the path I am on is nothing and like dirty rags.  I ask for wisdom on leading my children to love people the way you love them.  Thank you for opening my eyes today to the broken-hearted.  Please send an angel to the woman that needed help tonight.  Fill her with your spirit and your life giving water, so she may never be hungry again.  In all these things I pray. Amen.