Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year's Reflection

It has been a while since an update with our family, so what better time than New Years.  September marked a huge chapter in our lives, we took the plunge and moved to Florida for a new position with Wayne's company.  July and August was filled with 2nd guessing ourselves, and included lots of praying/packing/purging.

God answered our prayers time and time again, showing himself and how much he cares for even the little things in our lives.  We spent our wheels to find a place to live, when God had the perfect place already prepared for us.  I remember looking at the house on Zillow and thinking this is it, but lets look at some more at the beach just in case.  After days entering into homes and being disappointed, we got an appointment to look here.  I finished the 10 minute tour and said, "This is it, where do we sign." Wayne nor Natalie hadn't even seen the house!

Fast forward to September, and we are here.  It has been a vast array of emotion; overwhelmed from packing and purging, loss of family that was moving back to Hawaii, separation from friends and knowing that my parents were moving further away which brought on some anxiety, financial stress, sense of blessings watching God unfold some things, etc.

We connected with a church family right away in July when we found the house.  They even helped us move in, and welcomed us with open arms.  Natalie and Anna attend youth group on Wednesday night, along with homeschool outings: family co-op, field trips, and cooking classes too.  We even had our stage debut in the church play (funny by the way).

Our neighbors have been another blessing.  The kids all play together: riding bikes, walking, in and out of each other's houses, etc. Adults having chats curb side, tea, cookouts, and spending New Years together.

As a family, we are excited about a little warmer weather.  With warmer weather, comes the beach, riding bikes on the Blackwater trail, hopefully finding a pool near by to swim at, visits from family and friends.

As far as my health, I have felt so much better since moving.  After all the ashes settled, stressed has reduced and I can use my arm/wrist again.  It is modified but it isn't in much pain as before.  God has placed me in the care of a wonderful Christian that has led me to a nutritional and supplementary life style.  When we started seeing her, I could barely walk, while today I can walk a mile without pain.  My goals for this year is to gain at least 1 more mile to my walks and to complete a Pilates session at least 2 times a week.

Just a month into our move, I began a bible study in a local home.  This has definitely been a God thing as well, and I am enjoying getting to know these woman along with pressing into the word.  I need accountability and this is the perfect way.

Lord, thank you for your way which is much richer and joyful than anything I could construct.  I pray for health for my family and friends, my neighbors as well.  I lift my church to you.  I ask Lord that you would continue to nurture those relationships and allow us to be the light into this dark world.  Thank you for our homeschool family, our church family, our family far away, along with our friends.  Give them direction and peace in their lives. Help them to press into you and have that child like faith that will inherent the earth.  I pray for success in Wayne's career and his position as the spiritual leader of our family.  Lord I ask for the tools, words, knowledge it takes to shine your love to all those around us.  You are my beginning and end, my creator and healer, my provider, my friend.  Thank you for an eventful but blessed year in 2014, and I pray for your hand to continue in the year to come.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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