Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Whoa, Just Stop!


It's interesting that we rush, rush, rush when our children are young.  Then as they prepare for adulthood and are soon to depart, we start seeking ways to keep them by our sides.  Our firsts are always the guinea pigs of the matter, whether they ask for it or not.  Once we make a mistake with one, we try as we might to correct it with our next.

Just where has the time gone? I mean I was nursing babies, running after toddlers, and cleaning up the mess our toddler loved to leave us on the walls and doors of the house (bless you Anna, you were always so proud of your art work).  Now, I stop and look back to wonder where the time went.  I miss those years and long for them again.  Instead of yearning for the past, I have to hang on to the future.  Enjoy every moment I have with my blessings while their in my midst.  God is so good and He loves them more than I, so I must hang on for the ride and give them to Him.  He will keep them safe.

Lord, I wonder if I have left lasting memories for my/our children to preserve? If I haven't, please help me to create those moments now. Thank you for mending broken hearts and putting us together as a family.  I desire my children to be close and to love one another deeply, never leaving each other or allowing something petty to keep them from spending time as they continue to grow.  I also desire Lord that my children will know you more and more each day, and that their spouses will Love you and them as well.  I pray for them to have great health, and for them to lean unto for all things.  Give me the strength to get through these days, and please Lord protect their hearts from anything that could hurt them-Even from my mouth.  Thank you Lord for them, for the life that has become and was, and for whatever you hold for me or them in the future.  I look forward to spending all of eternity with you. Amen

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