Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devil, You Can't Have My Family

It's tragic to see the hurt in your child's heart, especially when you haven't been there their whole life.  Adopting is a whole new thought process when parenting and is changing our lives.  The past is there and seems forever looming over their heads.  Healing is essential, but only God can do it.  Every day we spend with our child, we recognize the need more than ever for salvation, freedom, and healing.

I'm so thankful for being reminded today that God promises salvation to our families and we must claim that victory.  "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved - you and your household."

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming here to die for all our sins.  Help me to serve you all the days of my life and I pray that your word would be a lamp unto my families feet.  I ask that all my children and my husband would call you Lord and Savior, and worship you all the days of their lives.  I ask Lord that you would heal the brokenness of our child and make him a new.  Turn his life to you and let him be a miracle.  I pray that his life will be a testimony of your healing, grace, and mercy.  I ask Lord that you protect my children wherever they are and surround them with people that will point them back to you in every situation.  Lord, renew their minds to think of how you would want them to act or speak to others.  Please give Wayne and I the wisdom and knowledge to be the best parents and teachers for our children giving your words through our mouths and hearts.  You are our healer, our great physician, our mighty king, the Lord of Lords.  You give freedom and healing to those who ask, so I ask of these for the family you have given me.  Take back their lives and give them a hope and a future in your kingdom. Amen

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